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Lasting Power Of Attorney

These enable you to appoint one or more persons to make decisions on your behalf when you lack the capacity to do so yourself. There are two types, one to do with Property and Money and the other to deal with Health and Welfare.

Why Make A Lasting Power Of Attorney?

  • If you have not made one and you lose capacity through accident, illness, stroke or old age, then no one has authority to sort out your affairs or deal with your property or assets unless they obtain a court order from the Court of Protection appointing them your Deputy.
  • Deputies are subject to regulation by the Court of Protection and are required to produce annual accounts and take out insurance.
  • If you have made a Lasting Power of Attorney, your attorneys can immediately step in when required and ensure that the needs of yourself and your family are catered for.
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney are like insurance, you need to have one before the event occurs.

Please contact us for a free guide to Lasting Powers of Attorney and for details of our costs and the procedure.  We will explain the options available to you.

What If I Already Have An Enduring Power Of Attorney?

Enduring Powers of Attorney were replaced by Lasting Powers of Attorney on the 1stOctober 2007.  However, if you made an Enduring Power of Attorney before that date, it is still valid.  Enduring Powers of Attorney only cover money and property and not health and welfare decisions.  You may therefore wish to make a health and welfare Lasting Power of Attorney to cover that aspect of your life.  Also, Lasting Powers of Attorney offer more flexibility in the appointment of attorneys and allow you to appoint a replacement attorney or attorneys should your first choice be unwilling or unable to act at the relevant time.

Please download our Lasting Power of Attorney Questionnaire.

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We currently charge: –

£350 plus VAT for one LPA

£400 plus VAT for 2 LPA’s

£750 plus VAT for 4 LPA’s

For drafting, witnessing and registering them.

In addition, a registration fee of £82 is payable to the Office of the Public Guardian for each LPA registered.

The above price includes the cost of providing one certified copy of each registered LPA when the registration is complete. Further certified copies can be provided at a cost of £20 plus VAT each.

Enduring powers of attorney

We currently charge a fixed fee of £250 plus VAT for registering an enduring power of attorney with the office of the Public Guardian. Registration of EPA’s becomes necessary when the donor has lost or is beginning to lose their ability to make decisions due to mental incapacity. This includes preparing and serving the notices of intention to register and preparing the application to register.