Financial Arrangements

Divorce does not put an end to the financial relationship between you and your partner. To separate your finances, you must reach a financial settlement. With help from our expert lawyers you can avoid financial mistakes and ensure that you are secured the best possible result.

Financial Divorce Settlement
When your relationship encounters difficulties, we can provide you with sound and cost effective advice. We have over 25 years of experience of dealing with all sorts of relationship breakdown and their associated problems across Solihull and beyond.So that you are not discouraged from obtaining good advice because of concerns about cost, we offer an initial fixed fee interview which will enable us to explain the issues and your options if you then decide to instruct us to represent you we can give you a better idea of the likely costs involved.

Our aim would be to achieve a fair and reasonable resolution, by negotiation if possible. However, if court action becomes necessary we would ensure that you are represented effectively and support you throughout.

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