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Family Law

Financial Divorce Settlement

When your relationship encounters difficulties, we can provide you with sound and cost effective advice. We have over 25 years of experience of dealing with all sorts of relationship breakdown and their associated problems across Solihull and beyond.So that you are not discouraged from obtaining good advice because of concerns about cost, we offer an initial fixed fee interview which will enable us to explain the issues and your options if you then decide to instruct us to represent you we can give you a better idea of the likely costs involved.

Our aim would be to achieve a fair and reasonable resolution, by negotiation if possible. However, if court action becomes necessary we would ensure that you are represented effectively and support you throughout.

Capped Costs

We are aware that clients are concerned about incurring large legal bills. In divorce and financial claims we can offer a capped costs solution. We will break the case down into stages and then provide a figure for costs at each stage, which we will not exceed and the actual cost may be lower than the estimate. That is why they are described as capped costs rather than fixed costs.

In most cases, court fees are payable during court proceedings and we will inform you of what these will be and when they are payable at the outset.

Sometimes, it is necessary to employ experts e.g. to value a property or to value a pension and again, we will provide you with estimates of those costs at the outset.

Fixed Costs

For other work it is possible to quote a fixed fee, for example, drafting a living together agreement, separation agreement or pre-nuptial agreement.

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