Employment Law Services

At Fentimans we believe that no employee should be put in a position where they are treated unfairly, disrespected, or must face work related conflict on their own. Our solicitors pride themselves on providing expert advice to resolve all types of employment issues and are here to help.

As we spend such a significant amount of our valuable time at work, we believe it is not unreasonable to expect a certain level of fairness and safety from your employer. However, there are times when even the fairest employers fail to meet these expectations, and this is where our tailored advice and dedicated support comes in. We will work with you closely to make sure you are listened to, treated with respect and receive the resolution you deserve.

Free Initial Expert Analysis

Here at Fentimans we understand how stressful any work related issues can be and how this can affect both your work and home life. To assist you with any problems you may be facing at present, our specialist team proudly offer a free initial expert analysis of your employment law case by telephone or email.

Please telephone the number at the top of this page or complete our enquiry form so that we can assist you further. 

If you require further assistance after our initial analysis, our expert solicitors will be able to advise on the appropriate course of action and the likely costs incurred. 

Compromise Or Settlement Agreements

We understand that some things just can’t wait so if you require advice on a Compromise or Settlement Agreement, we can offer urgent appointments. We will usually limit our cost to the employer’s contribution subject to a minimum of £250 plus VAT.

Our Specialist Employment Law Services

We can advise on all aspects in relation to the following,

 Grievance and disciplinary procedures

Unfair and constructive dismissal

Wrongful dismissal

All forms of discrimination claims

Maternity and paternity rights



Flexible and part-time working

Unlawful deduction from wages

Bullying and harassment, 


And can provide representation in the Employment Tribunal itself. It is important to obtain the right advice as soon as possible as mistakes made now can damage your prospects of success later down the line.

Employment Tribunal Costs

An employee can bring various claims in the Employment Tribunal.

For representing you in the Employment Tribunal, we charge our usual hourly rate (see our Costs and Services page).

Typical cost would vary between £1000 and £4500 plus VAT, depending upon whether the case settled without the need for a hearing or was decided at a hearing lasting no more than one day. If the hearing lasts more than one day then allow approximately £1000 plus VAT for each extra day. It is likely that you would be represented by a barrister at the final hearing and his or her costs are included in the estimate. In addition, there may also be travelling and parking costs.

Fentimans are proud to offer leading employment law specialist services in Solihull. 

Call us now on 01564 779459.