Financial Divorce Settlement

When your relationship encounters difficulties, we can provide you with sound and cost effective advice. We have over 25 years of experience dealing with all sorts of relationship breakdowns and their associated problems across Solihull and beyond. So that you are not discouraged from obtaining good advice because of concerns about cost, we offer an initial fixed fee interview which will enable us to explain the issues and your options if you then decide to instruct us to represent you we can give you a better idea of the likely costs involved.

Our aim would be to achieve a fair and reasonable resolution, by negotiation if possible. However, if court action becomes necessary we would ensure that you are represented effectively and support you throughout.

Fixed Costs

For other work it is possible to quote a fixed fee, for example, drafting a living together agreement, separation agreement or pre-nuptial agreement.

Looking for Family Lawyer in Solihull?

If you would like to have an initial telephone conversation about your position or book an appointment, please telephone 01564 731660 and ask for Nick Fentiman.

We Offer The Following Fixed Costs

An undefended divorce based upon two-year separation and consent –  £450 plus VAT and the court fee (currently £550)

A separation agreement – £525 plus VAT

A cohabitation or living together agreement – £525 plus VAT

A prenuptial agreement – £525 plus VAT

The above figures assume that you have a valid marriage certificate, that your spouse consents to a divorce, both parties are resident in England and Wales, no costs hearing is necessary, and, in the case of a separation cohabitation or prenuptial agreement, you have reached an agreement in principle with your spouse or partner about the issues arising from the separation, cohabitation or intended marriage.

Other Work

Where we are unable to offer a fixed cost solution, we charge our usual hourly rate (see our costs and services page).

Typical costs would be as follows: –

Acting for a petitioner in a divorce based upon a fact other than 2 years separation and consent e.g. unreasonable behaviour –  £500-£850 plus VAT plus the court fee (currently £550)

Obtaining a financial settlement in divorce –  £1500-£5000 (plus VAT) depending at what stage the case settles, and the value, complexity and number of matrimonial assets plus court fees of £255 if you are the applicant.

Obtaining a child arrangement order £1500-£4000 (plus VAT) and the court fee (currently £215).

Factors which can increase costs include an uncooperative or difficult opponent, an unrepresented opponent, and the involvement of experts e.g. a pensions actuary, a valuer or surveyor or a medical expert. You may be exempt from court fees depending upon your means.