You will find the types of legal work we do under the “Law Services” and “Property Services” tabs.

Work we do not do

To save you time and wasted enquiry, we do not provide the following services: –

Legal Aid

Criminal work (including motoring offences)

Care proceedings in respect of children

Immigration law

Intellectual property (copyright and patents)

Licensing applications

Who does the work?

All the work is carried out by qualified and experienced solicitors only. Further details of our solicitors and the type of work they do are on the Home Page.

Fixed fees

Were able to offer fixed fees for the following categories of work: –


Lasting powers of attorney and registering enduring powers of attorney

A divorce based upon two years separation and consent

Cohabitation, separation and prenuptial agreements

Residential and commercial conveyancing including leases

You will find our current pricing under the relevant work category. We reserve the right to depart from a fixed charge if there is a material change requiring more work than was reasonably anticipated. Examples would be: personal service of documents being required rather than postal service, a foreign marriage, an unexpected court hearing or some legal defect requiring remedy.

Other work

For categories of work where we do not provide fixed fees, we charge for preparation, attendances and travelling by an hourly rate and a per item charge for letters written, letters received and telephone calls. Letters include emails and faxes.

Our current hourly rate is £205 per hour (exclusive of VAT) and we charge per 6 minute unit of time (10 units in an hour). We charge £20.50 plus VAT per letter written or telephone call and £14.50 plus VAT for a letter received. These rates are reviewed annually. However, the rate for an ongoing case will not change throughout the case.

If we are instructed to represent you, you will be given an estimate of the likely costs at the outset. This will be based upon the information known at the time. The estimate will have a lower and upper figure as, for example, a case that settles earlier is generally going to be less expensive than one that is decided at a trial.

Typical cost estimates are provided on the pages of this site dealing with particular categories of work. These can only be a guide and an estimate tailored to your case will be provided at the start.


In addition to our charge for the work we do for you, there may be other expenses which we call disbursements. These could include, court fees, experts fees, barristers fees, Land Registry fees, stamp duty land tax, search fees and so on. Our estimate will include these where they are expected, although in the case of experts and barristers fees, they will be an indication only as it will depend upon the expert or barrister instructed.